If we do not resolve global climate change there will be increased global conflict. There is broad recognition in the military, environmental, climate science and other communities that climate change is a destabilizing global force that could undermine the economy, the environment and lead to military conflict. Future prosperity depends on confronting climate change internationally and developing a new equitable, energy economy for the 21st Century.

On this site, we provide the critical documents related to climate security as well as news, videos and other information. Climate Security will develop joint actions between the climate change and peace movements in order to confront climate change effectively and equitably thereby reducing the risk of climate-related conflict. Climate Security was developed by Friends of the Earth and Voters for Peace.

REPORT: Scientific Assessment of the Effects of Global Warming on the United States

The report analyzes the effects of global climate change on natural and human environments, agriculture, water, social systems, energy, transportation, and health in the United States vis-a-vis global climate change.

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REPORT: National Security and the Threat of Climate Change

This April 2007 report from the CNA Corporation was signed by five retired generals and six retired admirals, and describes global climate change as a new and very different type of national security challenge that poses grave implications for our national security. They describe it as a threat multiplier for instability in some of the most volatile regions of the world and the U.S. should begin now to deal with it.

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ARTICLE: National Intelligence Assessment, Climate Change Could Spark War

The U.S. intelligence community has finished up its classified assessment of how our changing weather patterns could contribute to "political instability around the world, the collapse of governments and the creation of terrorist safe havens," and Congress was briefed on the report.

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VIDEO SERIES: Global Climate Security Video Series

These videos are the first from a series of multi-disciplinary roundtables on the issues of climate change and national security organized by Friends of the Earth and Voters for Peace in 2008.

Climate Security will be bringing you the views of people from around the world, from a variety of professional backgrounds with different perspectives on the issues that surround the complicated relationship between climate change and national security, including military, economic and environmental security as well as what the United States and world should be doing to effectively respond to this global challenge.

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VIDEO: Polar Bears at the Capitol

Their ice is disappearing... our friends the polar bears are drowning. A warm earth is not the place for a polar bear. This pack of peeved bears had to come to the Nation's capital to redress their grievances. They were rebuked by pigs.

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